HireNetworks Welcomes Newest Employee

Ever since his early days of playing Dodgeball at the gym, Vince has understood the importance of what it means to be a part of a team. During The Internship at Google in 2013, Vince learned to compete in a professional environment against even the most tech-savvy geniuses. Early last month, he started his own company and traveled through Europe to get investors. Now he has joined the HireNetworks team to complete his Unfinished Business.

Below is a look at Vince on his first day here at the office:

Vince had help completing his on-boarding paperwork.
Vince participated in his first team meeting at HireNetworks.
Vince drifted off during the training videos.

We are so thrilled that Vince has decided to join our team!

I know I speak on behalf of everyone at HireNetworks, when I say “APRIL FOOLS!”

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