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Avoid the Interview Horror Story

Interview horror stories abound – whether it is an interviewer asking impossible brain teaser questions, an unexpected situation throwing the candidate for a loop, or even the candidate “blanking” out and being incapable answering the simplest of questions. Thankfully, the amusing anecdotes are more often the exception than the norm. My job involves pre-screening applicants …

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What a Recruiter Thinks You Really Need to Know About Your Resume

@ScottBoren Rules of resumes have changed. You’ve probably heard recently that your resume gets just 6 seconds of scrutiny, so I’ve put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts. The Don’ts – Let’s start with what is wrong with many resumes I see. A. Length – If you read a book or article on resume …

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Competing for Top Talent

By Michelle Coviello @MichelleCoviell Let’s be real. The hiring process is stressful for both sides. Candidates are putting their future on the line and hiring managers are investing considerable resources to find “THE ONE”. Recruiting and hiring in today’s market is not easy. “The Harvard Business Review points out that as much as 80% of …

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