Thankful for HireNetworks

What are you most Thankful for?

In today’s corporate culture it is easy for people to forget that you can love what you do and the people you work with while still being productive. Craig Stone, CEO of HireNetworks, has worked hard since 2001 to ensure that the company culture is prolific as well as inclusive and inviting. It is important to Craig that every employee at HireNetworks feels both challenged by their job and supported by their team.

This year HireNetworks asked all of their employees what they are thankful for. There was a resounding response of people saying that they are thankful for a job that they love and the people that they work with. According to Stephanie Gore, Director of Operations, HireNetworks is “a workplace where teamwork is encouraged and achievement is rewarded.”

In the past couple of years, HireNetworks has grown from 6 employees to 16. During this period of growth it was important that we found candidates who would thrive in the culture that Craig has worked so hard to cultivate. I don’t know how we would have done this without Kendra Andrews, Director of Recruiting. She has has an excellent grasp on what we need as far as skill sets and company culture for all positions. When she was asked what she was thankful for this year, she responded, “that HireNetworks has added some excellent recruiters to our team.”

Scott Boren, Senior Technical Recruiter joined our office in April of 2013. “I am really thankful to be working with people who want to get business done but also know we are people first, not machines” says Scott. Here at HireNetworks, we want our employees to know that we care about them and their happiness, not just about how productive they are.

I personally am thankful for the positive Network that HireNetworks has created in the area. I cannot go out in public without running into at least one person who has had a progressive interaction with one of my co-workers. Everybody in the office loves the clients and candidates that they interact with on a daily basis and appreciate that the relationships we create are long-lasting. Carolyn Goldin, Senior Technical Recruiter said “I am thankful to be working for a company that does not commoditize the recruiting industry. People are not a commodity. HireNetworks encourages us to develop relationships with our candidates vs. seeing how many calls I can hammer out in a day. I am truly thankful for finding a company that values people.”

Director, Tina Cochrane has been with the company for over 5 years. Though, internally, we all know the HireNetworks is the best recruiting firm in the area, Tina proves this to her clients on a daily basis. She asks the hard questions because she knows that the more she understands the wants and needs of her clients; the better she can give them exactly what they are looking for. She is “Thankful to be working for the best recruiting family in town, and is thankful for the great clients to work with”.

Work-life-balance is something that everyone struggles to find because everyone has different needs. With over half of the team working from home, it is obvious that this takes priority for HireNetworks. It is important that employees are able to make every soccer game, leave early on Friday to get to the beach before rush hour, and work from any environment that suits their needs. Senior Executive Recruiter, Martha Michaux works from home. She says she is “Most thankful for my job that I love. I like the clients and types of roles we work on and I love that my kids ‘witness’ me loving my job.”

With such an engaged team, it comes as no surprise that HireNetworks has received Best Places to Work from the Triangle Business Journal 4 years in a row and Best Employers of NC for 2013. These awards are based off of surveys filled out by all employees. The impressive part is that HireNetworks has also been listed in the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for the past two years. With these accomplishments being based solely off of Revenue, it proves that HireNetworks has done the impossible. We have engaged our employees in a way that makes them thankful for their jobs while still increasing productivity and generating high profit lines.

Jessica Williams | Operations Assistant


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