Holidays with HireNetworks

It’s Christmas Eve, and we are all huddled around the Christmas tree drinking Hot Cocoa. Marlon thinks it is a good time to start the fire since we are all wet and chilled to the bone. We just got back from Christmas Caroling where Judy led us house to house. The neighbors were thrilled to see us on their door steps. Snowflakes started to fall while we were at the 2nd house and by the time we got back there was a white dusting covering everything.

Since we always get to open one present on Christmas Eve, Craig decided that now would be as good a time as any. We always get new pajamas, and since the clothes we had on were wet from the melting snow, we all get changed.

The snow has stopped falling, and Jennifer wants to see how all of the Christmas lights look with snow on the ground. Stephanie and Rachel join her in the car, but I stay behind because I still haven’t defrosted from the caroling.

The fire is burning bright in the fireplace; empty hot cocoa cups are scattered around the room. I’m sitting on the couch reading Harry Potter, but am distracted by the smell of Martha’s cooking and everyone fighting over decorating the Christmas tree. Kendra just realized that Michelle, Slade and Tina were clipping the Toy Solider ornaments made out of clothespins onto her shirt. They had four on before she realized…

I get up to go in search of a quieter location. As I pass through the dining room, I notice that Elf on the Shelf is hanging from the chandelier. It looks like he’s going Mission Impossible on the gingerbread houses that are sitting on the dining room table. I wonder what crazy act we’ll find him in tomorrow morning.

I make it to the den where Scott’s silver artificial tree is already decorated and in the corner. You should see the colors that it reflects. I turn on the stereo and am not surprised to find that N’Sync’s Christmas Album starts to play. I sit in the comfiest recliner in the room and am immediately taken back to Hogwarts.

I’m jostled awake at 6AM by the sound of kids running down the stairs. Santa has obviously come. I can tell by the sound of screaming, laughter and shredding paper coming from the living room. I stretch out and make my way to the kitchen for some coffee. I’m not surprised to find Carolyn there. I forgo the coffee and instead take the mimosa that she is handing me.

We make our way to the living room, where the embers of yesterday’s fire still burn. As we enter the room, Craig and Marlon simultaneously open Nerf guns. A battle is underway. The rest of us either take cover or look for the gun that Santa has left for us. Tina finds mine and throws it to me where I hide behind the stairway. There is absolute chaos for about 15 minutes until it ends suddenly because we’ve lost all the bullets.

No longer afraid of being hit with a Nerf dart, we sit on the couch in our new jammies and settle in to watch everyone open presents. For the rest of the morning, we are all are engulfed by what Santa has brought this year.

At the end of the day, we are all in the living room watching the Claymation Christmas movie that Martha picked out. Rudolf just saved Christmas and taught us a life lesson all within 1 hour… I hear the timer go off in the kitchen. This means that the pumpkin pie is done. I don’t know how I’m going to have dessert tonight; I’m still full from dinner. I guess we’ll just have to eat it for breakfast tomorrow.

The HireNetworks team was asked to share their top 3 favorite traditions and memories about the holiday season. Combining everyone’s response, this is how the HireNetworks family celebrates.

From our family to yours, we hope you have a Happy Holiday!

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