Tips for Employee Retention

So, now you have found the “A” player that you were looking for. How do you keep them in such a competitive market? It is important to understand that employee retention could be the number one indicator for success within your organization.

It is important to retain employees for many reasons. It is very costly to go through the search process and find other qualified candidates. It takes multiple hours from your management team to review, interview, and onboard new employees. In addition, it also means your company morale could be damaged if those top producers start to leave or see those around them leave. Employee engagement and retention is a hot topic for all industries. Employees are typically going to more engaged when they find the work they are doing to be interesting and of value. Keeping that interest level up is the hard part.

Give your employees the opportunity to work on projects they find interesting and open opportunities to them for advancement within the organization. This will help keep them engaged and consistently delivering for you. Other ways to keep employees engaged include:

– Offer competitive benefits and compensation packages.
– Include perks unique to your company and the culture you want to create.
– Interact with them and let them know that they are needed and valued as a member of the team.
– Show them why their work is important and give them examples of how what they’ve done is affecting the overall company in a positive manner.

Retaining your “A” players means that production stays up and those around them will strive to achieve their level of productivity. Remember that when an employee leaves it not only puts more work on the rest of the team but it can slow progress on projects that are left with a gap to be filled.

About @TinaCochrane

Tina Cochrane has over 14 years of experience in the technology recruiting space. Her early career years were spent recruiting for companies such as IBM, Perot Systems, and NCR. For the last 9 years she has been with HireNetworks working closely with local entrepreneurs to help them grow their technology organizations. Her approach is to become a true partner with her clients and get to know the organization from the top down. She has served as on site resource with many local companies as they grew from as few as 6 employees to well over 100. Tina serves as an Advisor for NCTA and an Ambassador for CED. She lives in Durham with her husband and three daughters.

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